Leaking sewers are a worldwide problem with uncountable environmental, health and economic consequences. R.Z.E.E. has a 25 years experience in sewerage system monitoring, wastewater treatment and remediation activities, providing more than 95% of short-term sewer flow rate monitoring services in Israel.

Monitoring is essential to evaluate the status of sewerage system and localise leakages to prioritise repair work.

Despite some promising approaches, still no proven method of leakages and exfiltration measurement on a wider scale is available, so authorities and companies are not aware of its chronic impact on groundwater contamination.

Our technology is based on an ongoing monitoring plan to anticipate the consequences of leakages. With the ambition of reducing the amount of Contaminants of Emerging Concern that can cause harm to the environment and human populations, and based on practical experience acquired through the Western Galilee Incident where R.Z.E.E. professionals detected and quantified an alarming percentage of leaking untreated wastewater, disqualifying an important natural aquifer from being used for drinking water supply. Following this incident, the loss for the State of Israel, in terms of water economy, was equivalent to 50,000,000 USD.

R.Z.E.E. developed and patented an innovative flow metering technique, especially adapted for monitoring flows in sewerage systems, "Any Geometry Flume", (AGF), using a smart technological approach and making the sewage flow measurement challenge a more accurate device, as well as a simpler and more reliable tool, and not less important, a relatively inexpensive flow meter when compared to equivalent techniques offered in the market today.

AGF real time data broadcasting to the internet cloud is inherent in the technology. Vigi-Leak is an extension of our special ability for sewer flow monitoring, where a sequence of AGF monitoring stations are placed among a sewerage basin, providing accurate data coincided into a real time equity in order to calculate deficiencies or excess of liquid in defined segments, indicating failures in the collection system.

Discrepancies between forecasted flows and actual measured flows, (mass balance), are the perfect indicator for the presence of failures revealed by infiltration, leakages, and spillages along the system.

Vigi-Leak is a unique instrument which can monitor the whole sewage collection system providing real-time data, straight to the desk of sewer engineers and operators, releasing them from being dependent on expensive and non-reliable CCTV inspections.

Vigi-Leak is the perfect management tool for the urban sewage collection system, addressing smart cities into a new era of pro-active management and control.

Vigi-Leak represents a powerful tool for engineers and decision makers helping in the evaluation for rehabilitation of existing sewers and for future development of cities, with regard to functioning pipes capacities and the priority for their expensive repair and/or reconstruction.