Located in the green "Sharon" region of Israel, with a crew of 6 field monitoring experts and a fleet of portable probes, samplers and open channel flowmeters, R.Z.E.E. helped hundreds of customers in characterizing their wastewater and solving their discharge problems since 1994

For the last 23 years, R.Z.E.E. contributed in the dealination of most sewerage projects of Israel, acquiring a honoured status of recognized experts in wastewater chemistry, conduction hydraulics, automatic sampling and sewer flow monitoring.

R.Z.E.E. provides services in Israel and overseas through professional cooperations.

Our motivation is a strong commitment for protecting the environment  

The company's substantial expertise in sewer flow monitoring using an array of flowmeters for short term measurement campaigns and supplying long term sewer flow monitoring stations.

Our line of work lead us to the development of the Any Geometry FlumeTM   flow monitoring method and the VigiLeakTM  real time sewer management system. Two innovative concepts planned to facilitate better sewerage operation and maintenance. 

R.Z.E.E.'s Any Geometry Flume systems are already servicing seven municipalities and regional councils in Israel, providing accurate monthly reports for wastewater accounting which is a very strict section of the market.  

 We strive to give our clients the best solution for their measuring needs, providing every customer with professional consulting and personal treatment from day one.
Here in R.Z.E.E. we pride our self in a rigid QA / QC process in order to ensure our customers receive accurate and reliable flow data.