In a world of increasing demand, urbanisation and globalisation, well-managed sewerage systems are an important factor in a thriving private, industrial and public corporations. Accurate measurement is an absolute must for good management.

Developed by R.Z.E.E Ltd. following 25 years of experience-Any Geometry FlumeTM is a novel technology designed to measure waste flow.


a reliable automated measuring device built to withstand harsh conditions transmits data in real time with user-friendly software.
Any Geometry FlumeTM is able to measure the following parameters continuously, simultaneously or otherwise:

  • Flowrate in open channels and sewers by means of the Area-Velocity Flow method for short-term campaigns.
  • Flowrate and level in open channels and sewers for stationary and "dormant" metering stations by means of our patented "Any Geometry Flume" method.
  • pH.
  • Electrical Conductivity.
  • Temperature.
  • ORP.
  • Dissolved Oxygen

Our technology has been externally validated by the Israeli water authority and the EU (see our seal of excellence) as well as by leading experts from the field of hydrodynamics. RZEE is constantly improving its product through an open dialogue with its existing customers and regularly scheduled checks to the working stations. Little to no maintenance is needed. Data web transfer and analysis with monthly reports are also possible. Here is just a hand full of topics our customers are now able to address with an operating AGF monitoring station.

  • Calculating sewer fees.
  • Continuous monitoring of leakage and preventing the collapse of sewer lines.
  • Continuous monitoring for preventing soil and groundwater pollution.
  • Infrastructure preparation and future planning for development of new neighbourhoods.
  • Setting washing programs and/ or replacing lines.
  • Planning pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants.

AGFTM is accurate, reliable, long lasting and cost effective. contact us now to consult our professional team to find the best measuring solution for you.