Planning and execution of short-term/long-term "on-site" monitoring campaigns using automated measurements and sampling equipment.

You can test all of the following parameters of measurement, simultaneously or individually:

  • Any Geometry FlumeTM-our patented method for measuring flow.
  • Continuous pH.
  • Continuous Electrical Conductivity.
  • Continuous temperature.
  • Continuous ORP.
  • Dissolved Oxygen

*This measurement is suitable for water and wastewater flowing gravitationally with regular geometric shapes  such as circular pipes, rectangular channels, trapezoid channels, U channels and any other type of known geometry cross sections.

We perform automatic sampling operations dependent on time, flow and / or physical and chemical variables. For more details see our Lab services.
Field data is logged automatically and reported to the customer after a rigid validation process, (QA-QC).

Our Reports: The measurement results are delivered to the customer in the form of a graph representing the liquid flow (m3 /hour) vs. time, as well as statistics including the following information:

  • Total and daily cumulative discharge
  • Average discharge.
  • Maximum flow rate.
  • Minimum flow rate. 

Real-time Web Based Data Transfer:
To keep you informed at all times we provide online data display, tailor made to show you the parameters you care about most. Including alerts via SMS or Email so you can rest assured you're always on top of things.

for clients interested in short term monitoring campaigns we offer a method that does not require any installation of engineered structures in the measured conduits. 

We acknowledge the importance of a good measurement, That’s why we hold our field teams to a high standard of safety awareness, as well as up-to-date professional knowledge.